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vBulletin Services

ExpressVB offers different services for those who want to skip the more technical vbulletin stuffs such as vBulletin installation and setup, vBulletin upgrades, Mobile App setup, and Facebook App setup.

vBulletin Installation Services

ExpressVB will help you install vBulletin on your server. We will ensure that your vBulletin installation is performed according to vBulletin best practices for optimized performance and reliability.

We will only install vBulletin on your server if it is compatible for a vBulletin installation.

Terms and Conditions
  • You must have a valid vBulletin license
  • It covers only fresh installations
  • We only install on Linux servers
  • No configuration is involved
Minimum System Requirements
  • PHP 5.2 or greater and MySQL 4.1.0 or greater installed
  • It is recommended to use PHP 5.2.6, or later and MySQL 5.0.19 or later
  • mod_rewrite, URL Rewrite* or equivalent
  • You must upload the included .htaccess or web.config files.
  • GD or ImageMagick need to be installed and functional within PHP
  • cURL or OpenSSL must be installed
Approximate delivery time frame is within 1 business day.

This is FREE for our vBulletin Web Hosting clients! Submit a ticket support if you are currently hosted with us.