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vBulletin Hosting

We offer vBulletin Optimized Hosting that are built to run vBulletin forum smoothly.

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vBulletin Services

We also provide basic vBulletin works from vBulletin installation to vBulletin upgrade for FREE!

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Other Services

We are not just an ordinary hosting, we also provide vBulletin services for your forum needs.

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Non-Forum Hosting

We also provide optimized servers for websites that does not use extensive CPU resources.

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All vBulletin Hosting plans include

FREE vBulletin services

We will install and setup your forum, upgrade, and backup for FREE of charge!

FREE Onsite and Offsite Daily backups

We create onsite and offsite backups daily to keep your data secured!

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We provide 99.9% network uptime to run your website up and running all day, all night.

24/7/365 Website monitoring

We will monitor your website every 5minutes. The uptime of your forum is critical for your business and visitors.

RAID-10 Storage

We only use RAID-10 storage for more protection of your website, faster website performance, and website security.

cPanel Control Panel

cPanel is the best web hosting control panel which is very popular and widely used in web hosting industry.

FREE Account migration assistance

For new customers we offer free migration assistance for cPanel-to-cPanel site migrations.


“ExpressVB is one of the best contractors I've hired to help with our forum updates for vB4. Highly skilled and and delivers on his commitments. Thank you! :).”
Joseph Manna,
“Cannot recommend ExpressVB enough!! They did some fantastic work with our VB3 to 4 upgrade. Spent countless hours getting it right.”
Nick Dawson,

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